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About Online Booking

  • Events depart from the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel, unless otherwise indicated.
  • You MUST check-in at the Dock Office where you will be instructed where to stand in the boarding queue.
  • We begin boarding 10 minutes before the departure time. Please arrive early and check in at the Dock Office.
  • Parking suggestions and directions to the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel Dock can be found on our website
  • Please wear soft soled shoes.
  • Smoking and vaping are prohibited on public cruises.
  • Pets are not allowed aboard, with the exception of “working” service dogs (which are permitted).
  • By law, no alcohol can be brought aboard or removed from the boat. We have a cash bar with local microbrews, wine and bubbly.
  • As a Federally regulated vessel, there is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for illegal drugs, including but not limited to marijuana (even if prescribed by a physician). Federal regulations overrule state and local laws/ordinances.
  • All guests aboard agree to the Contract of Carriage - located at

Reservation / Cancellation Policy

  • Once tickets are purchased, there are no refunds or exchanges.
  • We sail rain or shine unless the captain cancels the cruise due to unsafe conditions.

Policy Notices

  • All guests must wear soft soled shoes aboard to preserve the sensitive wood deck
  • Smoking and vaping are prohibited aboard public sailing cruises

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